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Hello and welcome to our travel website!


For 6 years, Lars and I have been traveling to all the corners of Europe, looking for hidden gems. It can be a beautiful landscape, an interesting museum, a cozy but excellent restaurant, a sleepy village or a lively town, exciting wildlife or a thrilling event. We sometimes do visit touristic places, but usually you will find us in places that are hardly mentioned in a travel guide. Talking about travel guides, we read them, but we do rely a lot on the local population and often we just follow a random road-sign and see where we end up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… Basically, we are very curious people with an incredible lust for life who want to share their travel experiences!

Feel free to roam around on our website! In the submenus you can find out more about the places we have visited, our favourite destinations and experiences, our travel themes and our travel resources. The menu Our Media will take you to our photography shop, our collection of videos and books. On the homepage, you can find a short introduction about us, a sample of our favourite travel experiences and our upcoming trips.

Who Are We?

Lars and I met on Facebook in 2009. We started chatting about Gustav Mahler, Thomas Mann, travels in Romania, Dracula and beer and became friends immediately. After a year of more chatting and of traveling between Belgium (my homeland) and Denmark (his homeland), we fell in love and in September 2010, we moved in together in my apartment in Brussels. Since then, we have driven all over Europe and have experienced a lot of new stuff, like hugging cows, climbing a dead volcano in Hungary, taking a beer spa, celebrating Midsummer night in Denmark and so on.

Our common passions are traveling, exploring the unknown and enjoying life to the fullest. You will not see us jumping off cliffs or dining in exclusive restaurants, but we want to show the world that middle-aged people living on a budget can have a very exciting life indeed. Life is certainly not boring when you approach your fifties or sixties.

How It All Began…

When we left Belgium for our first big trip, Lars and I were looking for an original way to keep our friends and relatives informed. I had heard of blogging before and decided to give it a try. Thus, I created “Cosy Travels of the Viking and His Kitten” on Blogger and moved on to WordPress soon afterwards, because I found it to be more user-friendly. I was surprised that other people than our friends and family started to follow our blog and comment on it. It fuelled our travel hunger even more and we started blogging on a daily basis.

Because I was always running out of space, we decided to start with self-hosting, but still using the WordPress platform. We also chose a more professional name for our website and thought that Road Tripping Europe suited us and our kind of traveling the best. Whereas our blog was more like a travel journal in the beginning. we have now transformed it into a source of information and especially of inspiration.

Let Us Be Social!

You can find us on the most popular social media and invite you to connect with us there!

This website has a Facebook page, where we post recent events and links to other travel blogs, magazines, pictures and organisations that we like. And then there is Pinterest, a huge source of inspiration for us, not only for our travels, but also for our upcoming marriage! Instagram also allows you a peek into our private life.

The Best of The Best

If you want to know what our favourite destinations and experiences are, better check out the Our Favourites page. Discover the places in e.g. Germany and Denmark we love the most, the most extraordinary events we have experienced, the most beautiful art we have seen, the best food we have eaten and so on.

Where Have We Been?

You will find the answer to this question at the Our Destinations page. Actually, maybe it is better to ask where we have not been in Europe… That list becomes shorter every year! But, let us be honest: there are countries where we have only been once and that we really would like to visit again. On the other hand, there are places where we have been numerous times; in that case, we made things easier for you by listing the different regions of that particular country. And you can always check Our Favourites page as well.

What Do We Write About?

Lars and I tend to be very curious and are thus interested in a lot of things. Better have a look at the Travel Themes page, where we categorised all our posts for you. Some of the main themes are art, history, landscapes and animals. Our favourites for these themes are mentioned on the page of Our Favourites.

So, that’s about it! Any questions? Remarks? Ideas? Let us know!

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