The What and Where

After 6 years of frequent traveling, Lars and I have been to lots of places! And we still have to discover much more! On this page, you can see which countries we have already visited. Because there are a lot of posts related to some destinations, we came up with a subdivision in regions. You can always zoom in on the map of Europe to have a closer look at these regions.

Maybe, it is not the where that interests you, but the what. Given the fact that we have about 900 posts (and counting!), this page devoted to Travel Themes will show what Lars and I are interested in. There is a lot of variation, so we are sure that you will find something that you are curious and/or passionate about!

Let us be honest… There are places that we like to visit again. And again. Or stay with relatives. Or things we really like to experience again. Anyway, have a look at Our Favourites.

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