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There are different possibilities:

  • You can buy some of my pictures at ViewBug. You like one of my pictures, but can’t find it on ViewBug? Let me know via
  • Buy something at our webshop!
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Do you like to write a (sponsored) post for our website?

That’s possible, but there are some guidelines:

  • We only accept stories about road trips in Europe.
  • Preferably less touristic places.
  • At least 3 – 5 of your own pictures.

You work in the media/PR and would like to collaborate with us?

Please do! We really want to collaborate with European tourism boards and organisations, (online) travel magazines and agencies, and the like.

Why work with us?

  • We are passionate about travel, photography and writing. It is our goal to become professional travellers.
  • What started as a fun project, became a WordPress blog with thousands of followers and ten thousands of hits. We were small, but are becoming bigger and bigger. Now, we have our own website and our ambitions are growing. In one year, this website has had 800.000 hits.
  • Lars and I can offer you something that a lot of other travellers can’t: our travel experience, linguistic skills, knowledge and beautiful pictures about less touristic places in Europe.
  • We also want to prove that travel doesn’t have to be about partying and/or extreme sports; extraordinary places and experiences are everywhere.
  • We use various social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

In short contact us: (French, Dutch, English) or (English, German, Danish). We can offer articles in Dutch, English, German and Danish.

Where have we been published?

Bucket List Publications:


  • Fun at Fjord & Bælt
  • Road trip to Lake Bled

Our pictures have also been featured on the Facebook page of, an Albanian-American newspaper and now we are negotiating with Reiseland Deutschland.

Currently, I am also contributing at Trend Prive Magazine and Travel for Food Hub.

Want to sponsor us?

Lars and I have some great travel ideas!

  • Follow the season of spring from the south to the north of Europe.
  • Follow the season of autumn from the north to the south of Europe.
  • Drive on the E40 from west to east and on the E4 from north to south and do a lot of sightseeing.
  • Explore the places where famous composers like Bach, Mahler and the like have lived and worked.
  • Discover movie locations.
  • Explore 7.000 kilometres of Danish coastline, visit and photograph as many Danish islands as possible.
  • Drive on all the dangerous European (mountain) roads.
  • Take a ferry to Iceland!

Interested in these (or other) ideas? Sponsor us and contact us at and!

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Let’s talk at and!


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