Our Travel Themes

So, what exactly do we write about? Since Lars and I are interested in several things, there is a multitude of themes to choose from. I have arranged them in alphabetical order.

Let’s start with Animals. I have always been fond of all kinds of animals, and luckily for me, Lars likes to visit zoos and nature parks as well.

There are lots of posts related to the next theme, ArchitectureI came up with the next subcategories: CastlesCemeteriesMonuments and Religious buildings. In this last subcategory , you will find churches, cathedrals, abbeys and the like. From all over Europe!

Another travel theme with subcategories is Art. The first one is dedicated to our favourite composer, the man who actually brought us together, Gustav Mahler. Others are Inspired by movies, Marvin Gaye, Tintin and Victor Hugo in Brussels. Quite an interesting mix, don’t you think so?

Creepy Travels is a project that Lars and I run with a good friend of ours, horror writer Vanessa Morgan. Join us on our explorations of haunted buildings, abandoned places, eerie cemeteries and the like! To be honest, I am the only one of the three of us who actually believes that ghosts really exist… And if you like cats, make sure to have a look at Vanessa’s other website.

I could be wrong, but I think our favourite travel theme must be Food flashback. Let’s face it: tasting local food and drinks is one of the most important parts of traveling. I would even say: a necessary part… And it is certainly the most agreeable one!

Let’s have a look at the next theme, History. We are simply fascinated by historical events and persons that shaped Europe, such as Operation Valkyrie, Vlad Tepes, World War I and World War II. Granted, these are not always the easiest subjects to write about…

I know, I know… This is a theme with not a lot of posts, Hotel flashback. I usually forget to take pictures of the places where we stay. And Inspired by UNESCO is a work in progress. As is Landscapes, where I really have to come up with subcategories.

Last but not least: Special events! Well… I am not going to say anything about this, except for the fact that this is a very diverse category. Have a look!

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