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  1. So, do you have a top five favorite destinations? We are looking for some great off the beaten path trips while we are there! Kid friendly is our only criteria 🙂 Thanks!

    1. After having traveled in about 30 countries, I think it’s very difficult to answer your question 🙂 Every country has something beautiful to offer. What I do know is that Denmark is very child friendly. Every museum, zoo or whatever has special programs for children.

  2. Hi,Would love to go to a castle; stay the night and film a story in it. My name is Sam, I’m 14 and I star in a television series that travels around the world: we filmed in Singapore, Bali, and Berlin along with the US. I’ll check back every so often to see the great places you go… come check out my show sometime. Maybe you can help me create a Castle adventure. See ya, Sam

    1. Very difficult question! I think that every country has something beautiful to offer and also something delicious! Two countries that have surprised me in a positive way were Poland and Ukraine? But my favorite must be Sweden!

    1. The Balkan countries are really worth a visit. And now Croatia has joined the EU, it will be more like “home”. But Bosnia i Herzegowina, Macedonia and the other new states are interesting as well. Also Albania, which has suffered from an extraordinarily harsh dictator until the early 90 ies. It is a poor country but with beautiful nature and friendly people

    1. And not quite cheap. But it has taken years to go to all these countries. That is, what makes Europa so interesting. Even if there are big countries, and small ones too.The big ones that several days just to cross, others you can see in a couple of hours. And all those in the middle. And the variaty of languages. Most countries have their national language, others share language with their neighbours. Naturally with the local dialect. Switzerland has 4+ languages, and as far as I know, they live peacefully with each other.

  3. We haven’t been there. But I, Lars; have been there some years ago. In the middle of the summer, so if you didn’t take care, where to put the bed in the room, you risk to be waken up at 2h30 in the morning. I went up the whole way through the countries and their capitals and came to Tallin. It was very interesting, and I want to ask Ingrid, if it wouldn’t be a good idea to go there. We can also take the ferry and go to Helsinki for a day. Then we at least have seen that. I believe, Finnland takes weeks and more to see the not-so-touristic places, which we mostly look for. But the capitals were quite peaceful to me.

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