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Sewer Museum Brussels

CreepyTravels – Going Underground In Brussels

Wanna see a completely different side of Brussels? Not afraid of less agreeable smells and the possible sight of an occasional rat? Then a visit to the Sewer Museum of Brussels is something for you! As the official website says, THE SEWER NETWORK UNDER THE CITY OF BRUSSELS IS NEARLY 350 KM LONG! THOUSANDS OF M3 OF WASTE WATER FLOW…

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The Saint-Géry Walk – The Urge to Pee

Brussels seems to have a bit of an obsession with peeing. There is the famous Manneken Pis. And there is even a female version, called Jeanneke Pis. And that’s not all. Have a look in the Rue des Chartreux. At the corner of the street, you will find the Zinneke: a small statue of a mongrel, lifting his leg! The…

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