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Photo Essay: The Watery Surroundings of Tallinn

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The tourist information office gave us a list of interesting places to see around Tallinn. These are the highlights. Jägala Waterfall With its 8 meters, Jägala waterfall in the village of Koogi is the highest natural Estonian waterfall. Just program your GPS for Koogi and you will find it quickly. You can admire from all sides. Afterwards, we went north…

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The Waterfall Of Todtnau

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When Lars and I got out of the car and got ourselves ready for a walk, we noticed that our tripod was broken. We still have no idea how it happened, but we have to buy a new one. Lars had more or less a solution, a mini tripod, that he happened to have with him. Better that than nothing…

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Germany’s Highest Waterfall

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At least, that is what the tourist information office in Freiburg said. The brochure of the nature park claims it as well. Triberg has got the highest waterfall of Germany. Unfortunately, it is a false claim. According to Wikipedia, the Triberger Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls of Germany, but the highest is actually the Rothbachfall. Anyway, the one…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Being tourists again

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Switzerland was one of these countries I had often passed, but I had never taken the time to visit it. For me, it was just a bunch of mountains. Yep, I was so prejudiced! The Viking first took me to a touristic destination, the Rhine Falls. You know our philosophy about popular destinations, but in this case I was so…

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