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Exploring Brussels with a Horror Writer

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One of our best friends is acclaimed horror writer Vanessa Morgan, often hailed as the female version of Stephen King. Yesterday, she and I and two of her novels – Drowned Sorrow and Avalon – went for a walk in the heart of the Belgian capital. First stop was at a cozy square between the Grand Place and the Koningsgalerij.…

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Sluis – From Sex To Shopping

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Between our 2 trips to Denmark, Lars and I made one other excursion. And we were accompanied by the lovely Vanessa Morgan to our trip to the Netherlands during the first weekend of June. The three of us visited the small town of Sluis. In the sixties and the seventies, Sluis was very popular with the Belgians. At that moment,…

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Last Trip of 2012 – Stumbling on the Maginot Line

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After dinner Lars and I decided to go for a drive and went to the southeast of Metz. We had no particular destination in mind and hoped that we could see and photograph something interesting. If you have been following us for some time, you know by now that we usually do find something interesting. And this time was no…

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Inspired by movies – Residual Residence

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We were missing in action half of the weekend, thanks to a stupid iPod and two very stubborn PC’s. I am happy to announce that The Viking and I won this epic and exhausting battle. And even happier to announce that we did have some time to be on the road and see and photograph some very interesting stuff. I…

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Introducing Creepy Travels

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Remember horror author Vanessa Morgan? The Viking and I collaborated earlier with her this year on one of the filming locations of The Strangers Outside. We all had so much fun that we decided to continue with our collaboration. There was also another reason. When we visited the filming location, we experienced something … special. There was an eerie atmosphere, but…

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A new place to write?

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I think every blogger/writer has his or her own favorite place(s) to write. For me, it’s my old black sofa. As soon as I am home and I have changed clothes, I sit on this sofa with my laptop on my knees. First, I check all my emails and then… the writing starts! After some time, The Viking regularly offers…

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Inspired by movies – The Strangers Outside: Creepy Interiors

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Vanessa told us that the creepiest scenes of the movie had been shot inside the fortification. So, of course, we had to have a look inside. Thus, Vanessa, The Viking and I went to the entrance. Once we were at the entrance, Vanessa and The Viking were a little hesitant to go inside the fortification… Now, I have to admit…

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Inspired by movies – The Strangers Outside: Where Avalon dies

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One of Vanessa Morgan’s books, The Strangers Outside, has been turned into a movie. If you want to know what the book is about, it’s better to read my previous post again, because it contains a short synopsis of the book. The name Avalon is actually the name of Vanessa’s beloved cat. He makes a brief appearance in the movie, but…

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