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Photo Essay – The Christmas Market Of Torrox Costa

At the beginning of this month, Lars and I visited the Christmas market of Torrox Costa, one of the biggest of its kind at the Costa del Sol. Part of it took place under a tent. As soon as we arrived, a green Santa Claus greeted us and in the background, we could hear Christmas songs. We soon felt surrounded…

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The Big Move – A Walk in Torrox: Part 2

Lars and I resumed our walk in the Calle Baja, not far from the Plaza de la Constitucion, which is the central plaza. The Calle is home to a couple of hotels and a small museum. And this: Continue along the same Calle and revel at the windows and balconies filled with plants and colourful flowers. And more cats… Keep on…

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The Big Move – A Walk in Torrox – Part 1

Leave our street and you find yourself in the heart of Torrox… Lars and had I had a first stop at the Plaza de Orienta. Afterwards, the streets go up and down, up and down and become quite narrow and very colourful indeed. At a certain moment, it felt as if cats were the only inhabitants of Torrox… We continued our…

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The Big Move – Our New Neighbourhood

Torrox is one of the famous white – and wine! – towns in the province of Malaga. Most of the colour in the pictures comes from plants and flowers. Our street is a very narrow and steep one, which means no cars, only the occasional scooter and playing children. At the top of our street stands one of the two…

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The Big Move – The Heart of Torrox and La Plaza

Lars and I live on the edge of the small town of Torrox; yet, thanks to a few shortcuts we are also close to the heart of this place, the Plaza de la Constitucion. The Plaza is quite small as you can see and hosts a handful of bars and restaurants. Lars and I have lost our heart to one…

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The Big Move – Torrox/Costa

Lars and I were looking for another adventure… Not a trip, but something bigger. It was a dream we had cherished for years and it was about time to realize it before we would become too old. Moving abroad… We wanted to move to a country with a good health care system, a better climate and a cheaper way of…

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