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Thuin – The Hanging Gardens

This is what Mathieu Anciaux, a poet from Thuin, once wrote about the “Jardins Suspendus”: cascading down the slopes, the terraced gardens set out their abundant plants, fruits and flowers between the river and the sky. And it really is not an exaggeration… The Hanging Gardens can be found on the southern flanks of the Thuis hill and can be…

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Thuin – Walking to the Posty Bury

The Viking and I had come to Thuin with one goal in our minds: to see the “Jardins Suspendus”, literally the Hanging Gardens. The local tourist information office gave us the necessary information in French and Dutch. When we left the belfry, we soon found ourselves in steep and narrow cobbled streets. We felt transported back in time; the hustle…

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Introducing Thuin

Until 6 weeks ago, The Viking and I had never heard about Thuin. Then we saw images of this town on television, and we simply knew we had to go there. Thuin is situated in the province of Hainaut in Belgium: https://goo.gl/maps/cG5vU The history of Thuin goes back to the 2nd – 3rd century, when this area was used as…

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