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Photo Essay – Bagenkop Beer

When you take hundreds of pictures of the Wild Horses, you get very thirsty. So, when my sister-in-law proposed to have a beer in the harbour of Bagenkop, I became very enthusiastic, to say the least. Bagenkop is the southernmost town of Langeland, an island in the south of Denmark. Apart from the Wild Horses and the nearby nature parks,…

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Being Beach Bums at Christiansminde

I can imagine that you don’t associate Denmark with a beach vacation. True, the weather can be unpredictable, or even worse, it can suck… But, believe me when I tell you that there are some really beautiful beaches there! Actually, lots of them, since this country has a coastline of more than 7.ooo kilometers. Actually, for somebody like me, who…

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The South Funen Archipelago – Part 2

Finally… back for part 2! Lars and I have been away for 2 days – we were in Eupen, to be more precise – and we enjoyed ourselves a lot, even though the weather sucked. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed! Troense is one of our favourite places on the island of Tåsinge. This town is small and picturesque and has…

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What to See in and around Svendborg – Part 2

Harbors and marinas I am sure you all saw this one coming. The harbor of Svendborg is a gateway to many small and big islands, either by ferry or bridge. Our own favorite harbor however (and not so far from Svendborg) is Lundeborg, because it’s so small and quiet. And on Thuro we found one as well. Orkild Voldsted Or…

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What to See in and around Svendborg – Part 1

Svendborg is the biggest town in the south of Funen and although it lacks the charm of its smaller neighbor, Faaborg, it does have a lot to offer, whether you are looking for art, history or beautiful landscapes. SAK Kunstbygning Lars and I always stuck to the harbor of Svendborg, thus ignoring the gems of the town. Anyway, if you are…

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Touring Thurø – Part 1

This is a place that you won’t find in any travel guide. We actually discovered it, because The Viking’s sister recommended it to us. And we were not disappointed! If you like a small island, with beautiful beaches, splendid views and a cosy and calm atmosphere, this is the place for you! Thurø is situated to the southeast of Funen (Fyn).…

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