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Fine Dining In The Albanian Sky

Lars and I travel a lot, but in order to finance our passion we are careful with the money that we spend. So, we have taken a couple of measures: I never buy cosmetics or jewels. We buy our groceries in discount supermarkets or at markets. We hardly go to a pub or restaurant. I am a bargain hunter. I…

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The Spectacular Road

Realizing a dream feels cool. Realizing a dream you have been talking about for more than three years feels great. And if that dream happens to be driving on the Transfăgărășan… there are simply now words to describe this! But what exactly is this Transfăgărășan? This is the second-highest road in Romania, about 90 kilometers long in some of the tallest parts…

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The Belgian Beer Weekend

The center of Brussels changes quickly. It was less than a month ago when the Grand’Place was filled with trees and flowers. This past weekend it was all about beer. As I told you yesterday, the whole Grand’Place was taken over by stands of 50 brewers; you could taste more than 350 beers. It was difficult to make a choice,…

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A Bay On Fire

Lars had promised me something amazing. Something magical. After the lighting of the bonfire at Faxe Ladeplats and the sunset at our favorite beach, I could not imagine that I would see anything more beautiful. Guess what? Lars was right, I was wrong. We drove to a small place called Strøby. On the beach of Strøby, you have a splendid view of…

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How to Hug A Cow

How do you hug an animal that weighs between 650 – 700 kilos? Here are a couple of important rules: Cows are more afraid of you than you are of them. Approach a cow from the front. This is like human interaction; when you meet someone for the first time, you look at their face, not their behind, let alone…

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Thuin – The Hanging Gardens

This is what Mathieu Anciaux, a poet from Thuin, once wrote about the “Jardins Suspendus”: cascading down the slopes, the terraced gardens set out their abundant plants, fruits and flowers between the river and the sky. And it really is not an exaggeration… The Hanging Gardens can be found on the southern flanks of the Thuis hill and can be…

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