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Midsummer Night At The Top Of Denmark

Yesterday evening, Lars and I celebrated Sankt Hans Aften in Skagen. If you want to know more about this event, have a look here. These posts explain everything and also show pictures of other midsummer night celebrations. It was our dream to go to the top of Denmark – the top of Jutland – to join the celebrations. The sunshine…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Grenen: Where we were tourists

Usually, The Viking and I avoid touristic attractions. But sometimes, you have to make an exception, because there are places that you simply must see or events that you have to experience. Such a place is Grenen. Since we had free lodgings and since we had chosen to do self-catering, we could spend almost half of our budget to fuel.…

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Colorful Rudkøbing

To be honest, before I met The Viking, I thought that Denmark was a boring country, with dull buildings, hardly any museums and boring people. If you have been following this blog for some time now, you know that I have changed my mind completely. Even in the utmost north of Jutland, in a town such as Skagen, you will…

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