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Photo Essay – Back to Rantzausminde

The last 2 days Lars and I have been all over Brussels, celebrating his 60th birthday! I have been taking hundreds of pictures and right now, I am still selecting and editing the best ones. Hence, a bit of silence on this blog. And then I remembered that earlier this year, Lars and I had spent a beautiful evening in…

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Picture of the Day – 7 June 2016

I know, this is long overdue… But Lars and I have 2 very good excuses. First of all, I took this picture a short time before we had to leave Denmark. Second, when we were back in Belgium, Lars and I both had a severe attack of bronchitis. Yes, we spent a week coughing our lungs out, sneezing and blowing our…

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An Afternoon in Blankenberge

So 1 September has arrived; kids and teenagers are back at school and the summer days seem to be over. The sun has disappeared and rain and wind are back again. Looks like autumn has an early start; that’s why last Sunday – when the weather was still sunny and hot – Lars and I decided to go to the…

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Nyborg Beach

Fresh Sea Air

It usually takes us 9 – 10 hours to drive from Brussels to Nyborg, Denmark. This cosy town is situated in the north of the central island of Funen; this is where Lars and I start most of our excursions. The first thing I want to do after a long drive is to go to the beach; watch the waves, feel…

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Getting Ready For the Season

The summer season… There were already tourists on Krk during the Easter holiday, but not so many. Which was certainly an advantage for us, who are not so fond of crowds. Lars and I started our tour in Malinska. It was a beautiful, sunny morning! When walking around in the harbor and seeing some of the hotels, restaurants and pubs…

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After The Storm – Thurø

Thurø is one of these other charming, small islands to the south of Funen, which can easily be reached via a bridge. We had seen a little bit of sun while we were still on Langeland, but on Thurø the clouds and the mist had come back. Actually, I don’t mind clouds or mist; they can make a familiar landscape look…

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