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4 Weeks in Romania

First of all, we decided to change the design of the website, choosing a cleaner, simpler theme. We are still experiencing a few technical problems, like the disappearance of the “like” button and error messages appearing in some of the posts; also, you need to subscribe again, if you want to keep on receiving emails every time we publish something.…

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Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa

Exploring Roman Ruins in Romania

The last place where we stayed in Romania last year before heading back to Belgium, was Sarmizegetusa (county of Hunedoara). Lars and I had chosen the place by accident, not knowing that it actually harbours Roman ruins. Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa was the capital of Roman Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, until Goths destroyed the city. According to Wikipedia,…

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Mud volcano Romania

Romanian Mud Volcanoes

Let’s start with a definition of a mud volcano: Mud volcano or mud dome refers to formations created by geo-exuded mud or slurries, water and gases. There are several geological processes that may cause the formation of mud volcanoes. Mud volcanoes are not true igneousvolcanoes as they produce no lava. The earth continuously exudes a mud-like substance, which may sometimes…

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Architectural Gems around Brasov

The biggest touristic attraction around Brasov is without any doubt the castle of Bran. It can be really hectic here – and not just in the castle, but also in the whole village – during summer, so try to visit it in spring or autumn. But there is more… Transylvania is home to a very special kind of building: the fortified…

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From Hate to Love – Brasov

Let’s go back to the summer of 2011… Lars and I had spent two crazy but beautiful weeks in Ukraine and were on our way to Romania, which is without any doubt the favourite country of my future husband. And I was curious and excited to explore yet another new country. On a hot summer’s day, we decided to visit…

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Matthias Corvinus Statue

What to See in Cluj – Part 2

Right in the center of town, stands the magnificent Saint Michael’s Church, a Gothic beauty of the 14th century. In front of it is the enormous statue of Matthias Corvinus, a Hungarian king. We had driven past this at least twice a day, so it was about time to have a closer look. A word of advice: don’t visit the church…

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Cluj Botanical Garden

What to See in Cluj – Part 1

14 hectares with more than 10,000 flowers and plants from all over the world: this is what awaits you in the Botanical Garden of Cluj, also known as the Alexandru Borza Cluj – Napoca University Botanic Garden. Borza is actually one of the founders of the garden. Entrance is 10 lei (a bit more than €2,-). As soon as you…

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Around Turda – Nature versus Religion

You visited the salt mine of Turda and you had a walk in the town. But is there something to see in the surroundings? The answer is positive and we have three recommendations for you. Cheile Turzii If I am not mistaken, the word “cheile” stands for gorge. Cheile Turzii is Romania’s version for a canyon and this one in…

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