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Japanese Birthday Dinner

I celebrated my 48th birthday yesterday. Lars bought me a drone, something I had been dreaming about for a long time! We wanted to test it yesterday, but because of thunderstorms we had to postpone our plans. In the evening we went to a local Japanese restaurant, called Sushi World. Have a look at their website; we went to the…

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A Valentine Surprise

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I think I am cursed. Either I get the flu or another disease 1 or 2 days before or on the day itself, we cook something that makes me ill. This year, Lars and I decided to break the curse and change our traditions by going to a restaurant. Not sure if this makes…

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Exquisite Estonia – OKO

Apart from its beautiful beach, Kaberneeme has another attraction: a restaurant called OKO. Or at least, that is what the man of the tourist information office in Tallinn told us. Little did we know that Ingrid and I would end up in one of the 50 best restaurants of Estonia. There is really nothing negative we can say about OKO.…

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Exquisite Estonia – Kaks Kokka

Kaks Kokka means “two chefs” in Estonian and is the name of one of the best restaurants we have ever visited in our lives. The restaurant shares the same kitchen of its bigger (and more expensive) brother, Ö. Ingrid and I were so happy with the food and the service that we ate here twice in three days. The waiters…

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Fine Dining In The Albanian Sky

Lars and I travel a lot, but in order to finance our passion we are careful with the money that we spend. So, we have taken a couple of measures: I never buy cosmetics or jewels. We buy our groceries in discount supermarkets or at markets. We hardly go to a pub or restaurant. I am a bargain hunter. I…

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Last Trip of 2012 – Dinner on the moon

After our exhausting visit to the Golden Courtyard Museums, it was time to eat. Until now Lars and I had done some self-catering, but now we were in the mood to go to a restaurant. We chose “La Lune” (The Moon), which is situated at 1 place de la Cathédrale in Metz. When you enter the establishment, you are actually…

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