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Herdade das Servas

Being Foodies In Estremoz – Part 2

After a good night’s sleep, Lars had a surprise for me; we would spend the first half of the day…  wine tasting! Here we are at Herdade das Servas, just outside the town of Estremoz. Or as their website says: The Serrano Mira family covers a vineyard heritage of 300 hectares of vineyards, aged between 20 and 60 years old and…

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Being Foodies In Estremoz – Part 1

After our Peniche/Nazaré adventures, Lars and I decided to go east, to a charming town called Estremoz: I had never been this far inland in Portugal. Anyway, we arrived there late in the afternoon, quickly found a hotel just outside the town and then went looking for food. The restaurant of the hotel was still closed, so went into Estremoz…

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When It Doesn’t Click, You Eat

During our visit to Nazaré, we stayed in a place called Peniche: Somehow, Lars and I had high hopes about this town. Our travel guide described it as picturesque but we found it to be … boring and overcrowded. Maybe it was also the bad weather; it was cloudy most of the time. Maybe it was the fair that attracted…

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Food Flashback – Sao Joao in Comporta

One of our most faithful readers asked us how far in Portugal we travelled and the answer is simple: further to the north. After having left Monchique, we had an overnight stop in Comporta. In other words, we had left the Algarve and were now in the region of the Alentejo. The only thing we did in Comporta was to go to a restaurant,…

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Monchique – Plagued by Forest Fires

About a week before we left for our summer trip, Monchique was all over the news because of forest fires. Unfortunately,  this is an event that happens regularly, at least once a year. Lars and I were not sure what to do: cancel our reservation and look for another hotel or not… We watched the news vigorously and the day…

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From Odeceixe to Monchique

First of all, after we had published our post about Cape St. Vincent, another blogger reached out to us. In the meantime, I have had the time to check out their website which is called Trip Planning Master. I especially like this post; this is something that is useful for us and maybe for you, dear readers, as well. And…

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And to The North We Went…

So far, Lars and I had explored the southern part of the Algarve like this : As you can see, we had driven from east to west. This, by the way, was all known territory for me; I had been here more than 20 years ago. At the Cape of St. Vincent, Lars and I had basically two options: go…

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Driving to Cape St. Vincent

Lars and I continued west in the south of the Algarve until we couldn’t drive any further: Cape St. Vincent, the most southwestern point of Portugal. Once a naval battlefield, now one of the most touristic places in Portugal. The surrounding cliffs reach a height of 75 meters and are home to a huge variety of birds and marine life.…

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