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Wolf's Lair

Photo Essay – The Wolf’s Lair

First of all, since Ingrid is seriously ill, I am taking over the website for the next 6 weeks. Three years ago, Ingrid and I saw the movie Valkyrie, based on the 20 July plot. During this event Colonel von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler in the Wolf’s Lair, one of Hitler’s most important military headquarters in the east of Europe.…

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The Polish Pomeranian Coast: Chaos and Quiet

Lars and I started our visit to the Pomeranian coast in Miedzyzdroje, the most popular coastal town. We had actually underestimated how crowded this place was going to be. It took us more than 30 minutes to get rid of our car and afterwards we literally had to wade through a huge crowd of people in order to go to…

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