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Spring Has Sprung in Brussels – Photo Essay 1

Finally… the moment we have been waiting for… spring has come to Brussels! Since this weekend, we can finally enjoy sunny weather and mild temperatures. Lars and I spent yesterday afternoon in the Royal Park, watching nature revive and people enjoying life. We have had a couple of very hectic weeks: we had – and still have – to conquer some…

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Spring in Brussels – Part 3

If you want to know more about Kruidtuin, have a look at the following posts: Kruidtuin – The sculptures Kruidtuin – Autumn colors Kruidtuin – From a garden to a park The park is very popular, but it is so big that you will always find a quiet spot. And after months of cold weather and lots of snow, it…

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Spring in Brussels – Part 2

On a free Wednesday afternoon Lars and I went to another park, Kruidtuin. My first objective was to photograph the arrival of spring. But there were so many people in the park that I started photographing them as well. To be honest, I like to observe people. And they seem to enjoy spring in different ways. Sitting on a bench.…

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Spring in Brussels – Part 1

After our trip to Hungary, Lars and I stayed in Brussels for the rest of the month of April, exploring the center of Brussels and especially photographing the arrival of spring. On a Saturday morning, we went to one of our favorite parks, the Warandepark. After months of winter, it felt so good, walking around in the sunshine and mild…

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A Walk in Paradise – The King’s Garden

Earlier this week, the Dutch got a new King. Maybe you have seen the masses of Dutch people on the streets celebrating this event. Maybe you were surprised by the lack of distance between the royals and their people. You won’t see such a thing in Belgium. Sure, there are people who love our king and his family, but in…

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