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Visiting A Farm in The Heart of Brussels

From a distance, the Maximiliaanpark, located in Brussels’ Noordwijk, looks like any other park in Brussels. But come closer and you will see that this place is home to a beautiful children’s farm.

The Maximiliaanpark has not always been a park. In the 19th century, a train station was located here, but its activities stopped in the fifties. Afterwards, the place functioned as a small airport for helicopters and in the eighties it was turned into a park with a children’s farm, which organises cultural and social events.

The park is home to the most common big and small farm animals, like goats, sheep and horses, except for cows. There are a couple of unexpected guests as well, like alpaca and a peacock, who struts his stuff. Some of these animals make an annual appearance in the Christmas stable at the Grand Place.

There is a quiet corner in the park with a small pond surrounded by artworks.

The Maximilaanpark is located right next to the metro-station Ijzer. One more remark: it closes quite early, between 4 and 5pm.

Spring Has Sprung in Brussels – Photo Essay 2

Another favourite of ours is Botanique/Kruidtuin. The smell of various blossoms greeted us when we entered the park.

Lars and I were walking in the park round lunchtime, so lots of opportunities to observe – and photograph – lots of people eating, resting or going for a stroll. And then there are the inevitable joggers… I am always afraid they are going to bump into me and my equipment.

Spring Has Sprung in Brussels – Photo Essay 1

Finally… the moment we have been waiting for… spring has come to Brussels! Since this weekend, we can finally enjoy sunny weather and mild temperatures.

Lars and I spent yesterday afternoon in the Royal Park, watching nature revive and people enjoying life. We have had a couple of very hectic weeks: we had – and still have – to conquer some administrative obstacles, before Lars can regain his driver’s license. Moreover, he has to undergo a light eye operation later this week, which will delay our travel plans. We probably won’t be doing any travelling before the end of May… Sigh… To say that we miss being on the road is the understatement of the year.

Anyway, time for some pictures of the park:

Don’t you just love to observe people? Well, we do!

And on the way home, we got very thirsty…

Spring in Brussels – Part 3

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The park is very popular, but it is so big that you will always find a quiet spot. And after months of cold weather and lots of snow, it simply felt wonderful to walk between the vibrant colors of spring!

By the way, these are the last pictures of spring in Brussels, in case you were becoming tired of them!