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Throwback Thursday – Back To The Brocken

To go back or not to go back to the Brocken, that was the question… The Brocken is the highest mountain in the region of the Harz and North-Germany. Lars and I had had discussions in the past about visiting this mountain: it is a very touristic destination (not the aim of this website) and going there by steam train…

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Throwback Thursday – When Things Go Wrong in Greece

We have done the Transfagarasan. We have done the Stelvio Pass. Thus, in the Summer of 2015, Lars thought we were ready for the next challenge: driving to the top of Mount Olympos. It was going to be the adventure of our lives. A challenge to our fear of heights. Thrilling. Dangerous! On that beautiful morning, I looked longingly at…

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On Top Of The Mountain

While we were standing in line to buy our tickets in the train station, a computer screen informed us that on top of the mountain, the temperature was about -2°C and the visibility about 3 kilometers. Excellent conditions for a walk and lots of pictures! As soon as Lars and I got out of the train on the Brocken, we…

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Taking The Train

And not just any train! We are referring to the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, one of the most popular attractions in the Harz region. It is a network of 140 km railways, connecting the principal cities and offering one of the very few possibilities of going to the top of the Brocken, the highest mountain in the Harz. Lars and…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Driving to another country

After Meyrals, The Viking’s cousin took to us to another pretty village, Audrix, which is known for its beautiful medieval church. Unfortunately when we arrived there, it was too dark to take pictures and the church was closed anyway. The day afterwards, The Viking and I got up very early. After Norway and Liechtenstein, we wanted to see a new…

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Going for a drive in the Black Forest

When I traveled with my parents or friends, we never went to the mountains. Sure, sometimes I crossed Austria or Switzerland and saw them from a distance, but that was it… The first time that I was really on a mountain, was last year when The Viking and I traveled to the north of Italy. I’ll never forget that drive…

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