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Photo Essay – Bagenkop Beer

When you take hundreds of pictures of the Wild Horses, you get very thirsty. So, when my sister-in-law proposed to have a beer in the harbour of Bagenkop, I became very enthusiastic, to say the least. Bagenkop is the southernmost town of Langeland, an island in the south of Denmark. Apart from the Wild Horses and the nearby nature parks,…

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Wild Horses of Langeland

Our Love Affair with the Wild Horses

What is it with us – and me, the photographer, especially – and those Wild Horses of Langeland? Or maybe we should start with the question: what are the Wild Horses? Langeland, an island located to the south of the central Danish island of Funen, is a place of contrasts. The north consists mainly of pretty coastal towns with a…

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Picture of the Day – 31 May 2016

It was really very difficult to choose a picture for today’s post. We have just returned from the south of Langeland, with no less than 250 pictures of the Wild Horses. At first, we only saw three of them, but after a while, they were joined by a group of dozens of horses. Lars and I could not have been…

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Close to Nature – The Wild Horses of Langeland

If you have followed this website for some time, you know something about these animals. If not, have a look here. In September 2014, Lars succeeded in filming a big group of the Wild Horses and we thought that things couldn’t get any better. Somehow, when we returned to Denmark in March 2015, Lars and I felt compelled to see…

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Photographing the Wild Horses of Langeland

After an absence of two weeks, we are back. What happened? Illness? Laziness? A trip? Stopping with the website? None of the above. Lars and I just took some time to think about the blog. Somehow, we weren’t entirely happy with it. After studying our site in detail, we found out why. It wasn’t the content, it was the way…

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After The Storm – The Horses

Lars and I went to Bagenkop, one of the biggest towns in the south of Langeland. Bagenkop is a fishing town, but we were not here to visit the harbor. Nor were we interested in the old houses or the church. The area around it is famous for its wild horses, which we have seen on different occasions. This time…

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After The Storm – The South Of Langeland

Langeland is a small island, located to the south of Funen. This island never seems to amaze me. The difference between north and south is huge, with beaches and cozy towns in the north, while the south is characterized by rough and almost desolate landscapes. To be honest, I feel more attracted by the south. Fewer tourists, but sometimes the…

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A different Denmark – Seeing friends again… – Part 2

Yesterday you could read my point of view of seeing the Wild Horses of Langeland again, today it’s Ingrid’s turn. It is freezing when I get out of the car. There is a very cold wind, as sharp as a razor. Contrary to Lars, I am warmly dressed, but I have taken my gloves off, since I can’t take any…

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