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Back to Horne

Horne is a small town, situated in the south of Funen: Lars and I visited the church of Horne 2 years ago; it’s the only round church of Funen and it was the setting for a Danish dark comedy, Adam’s Apples. We came back, because in 2012 I had the idea of converting all my pictures to b&w and deleting…

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How to Visit Kis-Balaton – Part 3

Once you have left Zalavar and its monument, things become a bit tricky. Follow the main road to the south until you cross the river Zala. You will immediately see a dead-end road at your right. Follow it and at the end, you can park your car. The trails here are for cyclists, but Lars and I saw some people…

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Mist At The Rabenklippe

Rabenklippe means Raven Crag in English and is actually a enormous granite rock formation in the Harz National Park. The name sounded interesting, so Lars and I were very eager to see it. Getting there was quite a challenge though; most of the time we drove on very slippery narrow roads in the middle of a dense forest. When we…

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After The Storm – A New Road

I have always been a very curious person. To be honest, as a child, I used to drive my family and teachers crazy with all my questions, because I wanted to know everything. Have I changed a lot? Nope. For example: every time we left Thurø, we arrived at a roundabout. I knew that the road to the left would take…

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After The Storm – The South Of Langeland

Langeland is a small island, located to the south of Funen. This island never seems to amaze me. The difference between north and south is huge, with beaches and cozy towns in the north, while the south is characterized by rough and almost desolate landscapes. To be honest, I feel more attracted by the south. Fewer tourists, but sometimes the…

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The New Wilderness – Black and White

I forgot to mention something in my former post. Lars and I wish all our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving! Anyway, back to the New Wilderness… With all these dead trees around us, I thought it would be a good idea to convert some of the pictures to black and white. It’s amazing how the different landscape looks then! Unfortunately,…

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Arriving In Todtnau

On Sunday, it had been our plan to go to the center of Freiburg and have breakfast with a glass of Champagne. But it didn’t happen. Our Saturday evening celebrations had gotten a bit out of hand; we stayed up too late and drank a little bit too much alcohol. As a result, we woke up a lot later than…

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