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Laeken cemetery

Creepy Travels – The Underground Cemetery Of Laeken

The cemetery of Laeken is the oldest cemetery of Brussels that is still in use. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages when Laeken was still a small village. Things changed in course of the 19th century when nobility, bourgeoisie and Royals moved to Laken, because of its beautiful landscapes. When the number of inhabitants exploded, it also meant…

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A Cemetery Walk

Same cemeteries as last time, but without the “Halloween editing”. And a bit more background information. Cemetery of Brussels This is the biggest and most important cemetery of the region of Brussels. What we liked most, is that it is located in a park. A part of this cemetery is a military cemetery. Our visit was shorter than we had…

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A Walk in Paradise – Trees

Orange trees, bay trees, different types of palm trees, cinnamon trees, fig trees, … I was in awe, not only by the huge variety, but also by the size of some of the trees. As soon as you enter the Winter Garden and especially the Congo Greenhouse, you feel as if you are walking on a tropical island or in…

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A Walk in Paradise – Look up!

Yesterday I published our last post about Hungary; we hope you enjoyed our stories and our pictures! As I promised you, we will now post about our visit to the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken last Saturday. These are located right next to the Royal Palace of Laeken. In case you didn’t know, the Belgian royal family has two palaces: the…

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