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Spring Has Sprung in Brussels – Photo Essay 2

Another favourite of ours is Botanique/Kruidtuin. The smell of various blossoms greeted us when we entered the park. Lars and I were walking in the park round lunchtime, so lots of opportunities to observe – and photograph – lots of people eating, resting or going for a stroll. And then there are the inevitable joggers… I am always afraid they are…

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Spring in Brussels – Part 3

If you want to know more about Kruidtuin, have a look at the following posts: Kruidtuin – The sculptures Kruidtuin – Autumn colors Kruidtuin – From a garden to a park The park is very popular, but it is so big that you will always find a quiet spot. And after months of cold weather and lots of snow, it…

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Spring in Brussels – Part 2

On a free Wednesday afternoon Lars and I went to another park, Kruidtuin. My first objective was to photograph the arrival of spring. But there were so many people in the park that I started photographing them as well. To be honest, I like to observe people. And they seem to enjoy spring in different ways. Sitting on a bench.…

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Kruidtuin – Autumn colors

I actually went to the Kruidtuin a couple of weekends ago to take pictures for a photography course I have been doing. One of the many things that I learned is that I have to develop an eye for detail; you can find beauty everywhere! I have to admit that I was easily inspired by the autumn colors! I simply…

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