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Our Adaptable Adventure – Grenen: Where we were tourists

Usually, The Viking and I avoid touristic attractions. But sometimes, you have to make an exception, because there are places that you simply must see or events that you have to experience. Such a place is Grenen. Since we had free lodgings and since we had chosen to do self-catering, we could spend almost half of our budget to fuel.…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – The beginning of a historical day

Wednesday 18 July was mainly dedicated to history. The Viking and I decided to leave Fyn/Funen for one day and go to the south of Jutland, which used to belong to Germany. We will write more about this part of history tomorrow. We started our tour in Hejlsminde. This used to be an old border-town between Germany and Denmark. Nowadays, it’s…

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Colorful Rudkøbing

To be honest, before I met The Viking, I thought that Denmark was a boring country, with dull buildings, hardly any museums and boring people. If you have been following this blog for some time now, you know that I have changed my mind completely. Even in the utmost north of Jutland, in a town such as Skagen, you will…

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Randers Rainforest – Where your inner child comes back to life!

When I was about five years old, my grandparents thought it would be a good idea to go to the circus with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I could see that my grandparents were very excited. I reacted in a completely different way than they – or anyone else – had expected … I felt uneasy and…

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Denmark’s birth certificate

The only day during our stay in Denmark that the weather wasn’t too bad, I did take some color pictures. And it was at a new destination: Jelling. This was a place that we had wanted to visit for a long time, but somehow we never seemed to have enough for it. And now we did. Jelling is a small…

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Skagen and surroundings

One of the regions we hadn’t visited yet, but were dreaming of, was the North of Jutland. So we packed our bags and left Nyborg early this morning, drove through Fyn and then to Frederikshavn. The drive between Aalborg and the North of Jutland is not particularly exciting, but the beauty of Skagen makes you quickly forget that: there is…

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Central Jutland

The Awesome Trip – Central Jutland

The Viking and his Kitten also visited the central part of the Jutland. Just like the day before we went straight to Esbjerg, but instead of going south we drove to the north to Ringkobing Fjord. The area was a lot more touristic than we had imagined – holiday homes in every dune – which was a bit disappointing. We…

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