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Hidden Between the Vineyards

Nature is a wonderful architect! Lars and I have been traveling for 5 years now, and although we have already seen a lot of fantastic landscapes, sometimes we still stumble upon something that simply takes our breath away. The Hegyestu Geological Exhibition Site is such a place… Program your GPS device for Monoszlo and follow the road signs to Hegyestu. The…

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A Morning Walk

The next morning, Lars and I had a stroll in one of the oldest towns of Hungary, Veszprem. We went to the center of town, near the Late Baroque town hall: Afterwards, we got lost in the small streets: A lovely start of a beautiful day… We would have loved to go to one of the many restaurants or pubs,…

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Blue Church Heviz

The Blue Church

For our last excursion of the day, Lars and I returned to the place where we stayed, Heviz. We have seen churches in all shapes and sizes, but a blue church with seven towers? That was something new! The roman catholic church of the Holy Spirit is in the center of town and dates from the 20th century – it…

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Kányavári sziget, Balatonmagyaród,

How to Visit Kis-Balaton – Part 4

Access to Kis – Balaton is limited, as you may have guessed by now. The only official place where you can visit it, is at Kanyavari Island. There is only one road-sign towards the island, and it happens to be very small. And it is only written in Hungarian: Kanyavari Sziget. It took us more than 30 minutes to find…

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How to Visit Kis-Balaton – Part 3

Once you have left Zalavar and its monument, things become a bit tricky. Follow the main road to the south until you cross the river Zala. You will immediately see a dead-end road at your right. Follow it and at the end, you can park your car. The trails here are for cyclists, but Lars and I saw some people…

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How to Visit Kis-Balaton – Part 2

You had a look at the church of Zalavar and then you suddenly notice a road-sign towards a Cyril and Methodius Monument. Of course, you are as curious as Lars and I are, and you decide to follow the sign. A couple of minutes later, you’ll find yourself at the aforementioned monument. But what exactly does it refer to? In…

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How to Visit Kis-Balaton – Part 1

First of all, what is Kis-Balaton? Describing it as a smaller version of the Balaton lake, is not entirely correct. It is indeed smaller, but we talk more about wetlands here than a real lake. Moreover, Kis-Balaton is not a touristic attraction as such, it is first and foremost a nature reserve. It is located to the west of the…

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Getting Ready for the Season

Lars and I left the Czech Republic the day afterwards and arrived in Keszthely, not far from the Balaton Lake. We had been here before, but something told us that we still could discover a lot in this region. On the other hand, after all the beautiful stuff we had already seen in the Czech Republic, would we be able to…

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