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A Photographic Walk in Tallinn – Part 2

After our morning walk, Ingrid and I had become hungry. We decided to drive around until we found a nice place to eat. Tallinn has more or less 450.000 inhabitants, making it a lot smaller than for example Brussels. It is more relaxing to drive around and the city seems to be more compact and cozy. Anyway, we finally ended…

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The Ferry Is Waiting for Us

Lars and I spent the second half of our first trip of 2014 in our beloved Denmark. We hadn’t made any specific plans about sightseeing, but we were sure of one thing; we wanted to see something completely different. Lately, we had become aware that during most of our trips we kept on going back to the same places. It…

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The Tower Without A Church And The Harbor

30 kilometers to the north of Schwerin is the town of Wismar, our next destination. One of the landmarks is the 80 meter high tower of the Marienkirche. The church itself was damaged during World War II and completely destroyed in 1960: And since Wismar is a port town, you can imagine that we couldn’t stay away from the harbor.…

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The Other Antwerp – The Village That Resists

As I have mentioned before, some villages had to make way for the expansion of the harbor of Antwerp. As you can imagine, not everybody was willing to move. And the village that resisted – and still resists – the most, is Doel. Every Belgian knows about Doel. We all know and remember the images on television of people protesting…

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The Other Antwerp – The River (2)

Our next stop was Fort Liefkenshoek. Right opposite to Lillo-Fort, on the other side of the river Scheldt, you have Fort Liefkenshoek, which was built at the end of the 16th century. It played a significant role in many wars and conflicts and is nowadays a protected monument. And there is a museum as well, which is devoted to the…

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The Other Antwerp – The Charming Harbor

Another favorite of mine: the tiny harbor of Lillo-Fort. I think the pictures speak for themselves… Can you imagine how this place looks like in summer when it’s flooded by tourists? I am eternally grateful to Leen and Veerle that they showed us this gem when there were not so many people around! And, by the way, while it was…

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