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A Sea of Bluebells

552 ha (or 1.360 acres) of forest and bluebells: that is the best way to describe the Hallerbos. As the name suggests, the forest is located in Halle, not far from Brussels. The famous bluebells are in season from mid-April until the beginning of May and attract tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Lars and I…

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One Day, Three Towns – Halle

Short post, today. Town number 3 is Halle. A short post, because our visit to this charming place was shortened by the freezing weather – and the fact that I forgotten to bring my winter coat with me… Anyway, there was still a small Christmas market going on, which Ingrid would love to have visited. But I wanted to be…

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The Hallerbos – The sequoia walk

The Hallerbos is not only known for its beautiful bluebells, but also for its sequoias. There are 6 of them in the forest and you can find them when you do the Sequoia Walk, which is about 4 kilometres long. A map can be purchased at the tourist information of Halle. The sequoias are actually some of the very few trees that…

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