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Spring in Brussels – Part 3

If you want to know more about Kruidtuin, have a look at the following posts: Kruidtuin – The sculptures Kruidtuin – Autumn colors Kruidtuin – From a garden to a park The park is very popular, but it is so big that you will always find a quiet spot. And after months of cold weather and lots of snow, it…

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Thuin – The Hanging Gardens

This is what Mathieu Anciaux, a poet from Thuin, once wrote about the “Jardins Suspendus”: cascading down the slopes, the terraced gardens set out their abundant plants, fruits and flowers between the river and the sky. And it really is not an exaggeration… The Hanging Gardens can be found on the southern flanks of the Thuis hill and can be…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – The castle of Hautefort

On Saturday 4 August, the weather had changed; it was cloudy and there was some light rain from time to time. We decided to go for a short drive to Hautefort. The main point of interest of Hautefort is its castle. According to Wikipedia, The Château de Hautefort is a French château and gardens located in the town of Hautefort in the Dordogne. The château…

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Going back to Tervuren

Last year, we visited the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren. We concentrated on the museum then, but now we wanted the big and beautiful park around it. There are ponds and different formal gardens and sometimes you even feel like you are in the middle of a wood. We plan to come here again later in autumn and…

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