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A different Denmark – The final destination

Everything comes to an end. This is the last post about our trip to Denmark. And today is also the last day of my sick leave. I want to thank Lars for taking over the blog for some days and our readers who expressed their wishes for my recovery. After 10 days of rest I feel a lot better!

Ringe was our last destination:

I had never been to this cozy town and I immediately liked it. It is located in the middle of Funen and between 1976 and 2003 it was known for its pop and rock festival. Some years it even attracted more people than Roskilde, but the festival got into financial trouble in the beginning of the 21st century.

Lars and I wanted to visit the local church, but unfortunately it was closed. So you have to do with a couple of exterior shots.

A different Denmark – The mansion

Ingrid and I have had many discussions about whether we should publish this or not. The problem is that we simply can’t remember the name of this beautiful mansion. We have a notebook with us when we travel, but guess what… We forgot to write down the name of this magnificent building. All we remember is that it’s located not far from Ringe. We have had a look at different maps and consulted my family in Denmark, but all to no avail. So here it is: the mansion. When we were there, there was an exhibition about modern art going on. Ingrid and I didn’t visit the building itself, since I wanted to show her something else.

Anyway, here are the pictures!

A different Denmark – Having a look at Mårhøj

The last day of our trip to Denmark had arrived. Ingrid and I decided to drive around a bit and see what else we could discover. Our first find was the passage grave of Mårhøj.

This is Denmark’s biggest single-chamber burial mound. It dates from the 4th – 3rd century BC and is built on a hill. A farmer discovered it in the 19th century, but all he found inside was a skeleton and some more bones. Probably the grave had been plundered. The single chamber is about 10 meters long.

The burial mound is easy to find – there are road signs towards it once you leave Kerteminde. You have to cross a field in order to reach it, so wear appropriate shoes! Entrance is free and you can visit it whenever you want to.

A different Denmark – The road less taken

Every time Lars and I go to Fyns Hoved, we usually go to that small cozy harbor. The last part of the road is quite rough and we are always happy when we leave and see that the car is not damaged.

But every time we arrived here, we also saw a road going slightly to the right – the harbor is located to the left -, which looks even rougher. Once we tried to drive there and when we finally found a spot to park the car, there was so much wind and rain that I could hardly leave the car, let alone take pictures. This time we tried again.

We were lucky. No wind, no rain. It was cold though. I realized afterwards that this is actually a nature reserve and that this area is a lot bigger than I had imagined. I hope that in spring or summer I can come back and explore this region a lot more.

A different Denmark – Walking hand in hand in the snow

A couple of weeks ago I read a very surprising newspaper article. Apparently, we Belgians don’t like to show our affection to our beloved in public. And we don’t like it either when we see other people showing their affection to each other in public. We are talking about very basic stuff like walking hand in hand, a kiss on the lips, a kiss on the cheeks, hugging each other, and so on.

Huh?!? Are we Belgians so prudish? I think it’s cute when I see a couple – young or old – walking hand in hand or giving each other a kiss. And I certainly don’t mind walking hand in hand with Lars. Or hugging or kissing him in public!

Around Nyborg Slot there is a moat and since it was such a beautiful day, Lars and I had a walk there. Walking hand in hand in the snow. And the Danish people didn’t seem to mind…

A different Denmark – Stretching our legs

Since we had spent the whole of Tuesday on the road, Lars and I thought it would be a good idea the day afterwards to stretch our legs a bit. So off we went to the center of Nyborg. Until then, we had always been at the harbor and the beach. You have seen numerous pictures of these places in different seasons, moments of the day, b&w and color. So now it was time to concentrate on the center of town. A place we had neglected for almost three years!

I was very pleasantly surprised! The history of Nyborg goes back to the 12th century and the center of town is filled with old, colorful, (half – ) timbered houses. You can find some of them around the church and others around Nyborg Slot (which we will discuss tomorrow). The contrast between the vivid colors of the buildings and the snow was simply picturesque.

One thing is sure: we have to come back here in spring or summer!

A different Denmark – Ørbæk Brewery

Monday was not our lucky day. On Sunday evening Lars’s mother started feeling unwell and on Monday morning, she was in a terrible condition. Lars had to take her to a doctor and the two stayed away during the whole morning. Afterwards it turned out that she had pneumonia.

As you can imagine Lars and I didn’t do a lot of excursions that day. We did manage to go to a local brewery though in Ørbæk.

Ørbæk Bryggery is located at Assensvej 38. The shop is open every day, except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s also possible to visit the brewery itself and you can find more information about it on their website.

The brewery produces different kinds of beers, but also juice, soft drinks, smoothies, cider, whiskey and vodka. It consists of two parts: the old brewery where they like to experiment with new products and the new one, which is used for their daily production.

Lars and I bought three ales, but unfortunately we could never taste them, since Lars’s mother drank them all while we were away on excursions!

A different Denmark – Dreaming of summer

Our last stop was at the beach of Nyborg. It was partly covered with snow; it was sometimes difficult to see where the snow ended and the sand begun! I loved the light since sunset was approaching.

I have to admit that January and February are the most difficult months for me. In November and December the weather can be awful too, but at least you have the holidays to look forward to. Afterward, I tend to get a little bit bored and exhausted by winter and I start longing for spring and summer. And when I am walking on such a beautiful beach like this one the longing gets bigger …

Anyway, the bridge you can see in the distance is the one that connects Funen with Zealand.