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Photographing the Wild Horses of Langeland

After an absence of two weeks, we are back. What happened? Illness? Laziness? A trip? Stopping with the website? None of the above. Lars and I just took some time to think about the blog. Somehow, we weren’t entirely happy with it. After studying our site in detail, we found out why. It wasn’t the content, it was the way…

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The Shelter

It’s not often that Lars and I find remnants of World War II in Denmark. Maybe it’s because we have never looked for them or maybe it’s because we were simply in the wrong places… That changed when we had a stop in Ollerup. 1943. The Germans requisitioned 3 schools in Ollerup. In the beginning of 1944, they decide to…

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Nyborg Beach

Fresh Sea Air

It usually takes us 9 – 10 hours to drive from Brussels to Nyborg, Denmark. This cosy town is situated in the north of the central island of Funen; this is where Lars and I start most of our excursions. The first thing I want to do after a long drive is to go to the beach; watch the waves, feel…

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The Lakes

Lars and I have just returned from a marvelous trip in central Europe! You will have to be a bit patient though, before we publish our pictures and stories, because I still have to edit all the pictures. But I still have some stuff from Denmark and Brussels that hasn’t been published yet. After our trip to Bjørnø, Lars and I…

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After The Storm – Thurø

Thurø is one of these other charming, small islands to the south of Funen, which can easily be reached via a bridge. We had seen a little bit of sun while we were still on Langeland, but on Thurø the clouds and the mist had come back. Actually, I don’t mind clouds or mist; they can make a familiar landscape look…

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After The Storm – The South Of Langeland

Langeland is a small island, located to the south of Funen. This island never seems to amaze me. The difference between north and south is huge, with beaches and cozy towns in the north, while the south is characterized by rough and almost desolate landscapes. To be honest, I feel more attracted by the south. Fewer tourists, but sometimes the…

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After The Storm – Kerteminde Harbor

After Lundeborg, Lars and I went to the north of Funen, to Kerteminde. Kerteminde harbor is a place we have visited before. In different seasons and weather conditions. In winter, when the sea was frozen. At Sankt Hans Aften, when there were bonfires everywhere. In summer, when people were having a stroll and eating and drinking outside. This time, it…

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