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Throwback Thursday – Blue Helnæs

This is actually a combination of Throwback Thursday and Wordless Wednesday since this is more of a photo essay. Helnæs is a small peninsula in the south of Denmark – the south of Funen to be more precise – and is a paradise for people who are into fishing and bird-watching. And now I let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Photo Essay – Back to Rantzausminde

The last 2 days Lars and I have been all over Brussels, celebrating his 60th birthday! I have been taking hundreds of pictures and right now, I am still selecting and editing the best ones. Hence, a bit of silence on this blog. And then I remembered that earlier this year, Lars and I had spent a beautiful evening in…

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Wild Horses of Langeland

Our Love Affair with the Wild Horses

What is it with us – and me, the photographer, especially – and those Wild Horses of Langeland? Or maybe we should start with the question: what are the Wild Horses? Langeland, an island located to the south of the central Danish island of Funen, is a place of contrasts. The north consists mainly of pretty coastal towns with a…

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What to See in and around Svendborg – Part 2

Harbors and marinas I am sure you all saw this one coming. The harbor of Svendborg is a gateway to many small and big islands, either by ferry or bridge. Our own favorite harbor however (and not so far from Svendborg) is Lundeborg, because it’s so small and quiet. And on Thuro we found one as well. Orkild Voldsted Or…

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What to See in and around Svendborg – Part 1

Svendborg is the biggest town in the south of Funen and although it lacks the charm of its smaller neighbor, Faaborg, it does have a lot to offer, whether you are looking for art, history or beautiful landscapes. SAK Kunstbygning Lars and I always stuck to the harbor of Svendborg, thus ignoring the gems of the town. Anyway, if you are…

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Denmark – Exploring Central Funen

I think it’s safe to say that after 5 years of traveling together, Ingrid and I have pretty much seen most of Funen’s coast. It was about time to explore other regions of the island. The best thing you can do first is to go to some of the biggest tourist information offices and ask for advice. Here are some…

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Back to Horne

Horne is a small town, situated in the south of Funen: Lars and I visited the church of Horne 2 years ago; it’s the only round church of Funen and it was the setting for a Danish dark comedy, Adam’s Apples. We came back, because in 2012 I had the idea of converting all my pictures to b&w and deleting…

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