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Photo Essay – Watching Animals In Ternell

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Eupen is located in a beautiful region called Hoge Venen/Hautes Fagnes. If you want any information about what to do and what to see there, the nature centre Ternell is a good starting point. It also organises activities for children and adults, such as summer camps and guided walks for example. Lars and I, however, started our visit at the ……

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An Introduction to Eupen

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If you have only stayed in Antwerp, Bruges and/or Brussels, you would think that there are only two national languages in Belgium, Dutch and French. In reality, there is a third one, namely German. Indeed, there is a small community of German-speaking Belgians in the east of the country, in the province of Liège. After World War I, this part of…

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Picture of the Day – 4 July 2016

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Yesterday evening, Lars and I arrived in Eupen, the capital of German-speaking Belgium. The city is a lot smaller than we had expected and it is quite cozy. Upon our arrival we immediately had dinner and afterwards relaxed in our room. Today, we had a first walk in this pleasant town and we are looking forward to a lot more…

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