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Driving Around In The High Fens – Part 3

I have a weakness for waterscapes, so a visit to the Gileppe Dam was high on my wishlist. The Dam is located near the small but cosy town of Jalhay on the Gileppe river and was built in the 19th century in order to provide the nearby bigger town of Verviers of drinking water. By the way, this place is…

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Innerstetalsperre – color

On the first day of 2014, Lars and I slept in, had a long breakfast and decided to go for a drive. Once again, we decided to go to a place we had seen before: Innerstetalsperre. Yep, another dam! This is a popular place for hiking. Even on New Year’s Day, we encountered a lot of people. I took several…

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The Last Stop Of The Year

Lars and I took it easy that last day of 2013. We just drove around a bit and talked about all the thrilling events of the past year and all the beautiful places we had visited. Before we went back to our hotel for a quiet celebration, we had one final stop: at the Okertalsperre. The German word “sperre” means…

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The Last Stop Of The Day

As soon as Lars and I were in the train, we had a very hot drink. I saw the love of my life literally defrosting in front of me. After 10 minutes, his face had a normal color again and the icicles in his beard disappeared. When we were back in the train station, we didn’t feel like going back…

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Back to Helnæs

Helnæs is a small peninsula in the south of Funen, which we discovered last summer: https://goo.gl/maps/m1Urj On Friday 2 November we went back. The weather had slightly improved so I decided to photograph in color again. Our first stop was at the dam that links Helnæs with Funen. I love the views here! The sea, the sky and the small islands are…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Being blown away on Helnæs

The peninsula of Helnæs is situated in the south of Fyn. This place is not yet discovered by many tourists. If you are looking for a calm and quiet destination with beautiful landscapes, this is it! First of all, there are a couple of beaches here, where you cannot only swim, but also do some windsurfing. And there are many…

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The Harz – Innerstetalsperre: What’s that thing?

A couple of minutes after our arrival, a lot of clouds appeared and I switched to black and white pictures. As always, you can tell us which ones you like best in the comments below! Our attention was also drawn by a strange construction in the water. The Viking and I started guessing what it could be, without reaching a…

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