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The Children’s Spa

Since we only had one full day in the Czech Republic, Lars and I were very eager to explore the surroundings of Marianske Lazne. Our first stop was a small town called Lazne Kynzvart. It takes you less than a minute to drive through the town, but it is a charming town. In the 19th century, Lazne Kynzvart was a competitor…

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The Beautiful Colonnade

Mountains and forest surround the noble houses and many parks and springs of Marianske Lazne, also known as Marienbad. The town is about 200 years old and very quickly became popular for its healing springs. It even attracted famous visitors such as Goethe, Chopin, Wagner and Mark Twain. The Colonnade we are referring to is in the middle of town.…

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Introducing Marianske Lazne

Our second destination of our Easter trip was the west of the Czech Republic. This area is known for its beautiful spa towns, the biggest and most famous one being Karlovy Vary. Lars and I had tried to visit this city once before, but we found it to be too big and crowded and we simply couldn’t get rid of our…

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Kafka’s Castle

As I wrote yesterday, the main point of attraction in Frydlant is its castle. According to Wikipedia, it is a Gothic castle with a high tower and a Renaissance chateau. Moreover, this is the building that inspired Kafka the write the novel called “The Castle”. Franz Kafka was born at the end of the 19th century in Prague to Jewish…

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Frydlant – A forgotten town

Most visitors who come to Frydlant seem to go immediately to its majestic castle and seem to ignore the town itself. And that’s a shame, because although there aren’t any cultural highlights or beautiful landscapes here, it is a pretty town, with pubs, restaurants and small, cosy shops.

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A stroll in the oldest town in Bohemia

Jablonné v Podjestedi was founded in 1240. We first had a walk on the beautiful main square, but the major point of attraction here is the Basilica of St Lawrence and St Zdislava, which was built in 17th – 18th century in the Baroque style. Unfortunately, it was closed when The Viking and I were there, so I could only…

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