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Being Foodies in Cordoba

Lars and I have very good memories of Cordoba and especially of the food we ate there. Let us show you some mouthwatering pictures! By the way, most of the restaurants we visited are only a few steps away from the Mezquita. The first restaurant we tried was La Tinaja. Lars and I shared a tapas menu here and it…

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A Must-See in Cordoba – The Mezquita

We usually stay away from touristic places, but the Mezquita in Cordoba is too magnificent to skip. Anyway, Lars and I arrived there early in the morning of a hot day in August. What does Wikipedia have to say about this architectural gem? According to a traditional account, a small Visigoth church, the Catholic Basilica of Saint Vincent of Lérins, originally stood on the site.[10][11][12] In 784 Abd…

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