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Photo Essay – Bagenkop Beer

When you take hundreds of pictures of the Wild Horses, you get very thirsty. So, when my sister-in-law proposed to have a beer in the harbour of Bagenkop, I became very enthusiastic, to say the least.

Bagenkop is the southernmost town of Langeland, an island in the south of Denmark. Apart from the Wild Horses and the nearby nature parks, this place hasn’t got a lot to offer. But the harbour is really cosy and photogenic.

Insider tip! Looking for a nice beach in the neighbourhood of Bagenkop? Lars and I have been to the beach of Ristinge and it is really magnificent and calm.

By the way, one of the boats attracted my attention, because it was completely invaded by birds. I am not sure if the boat was abandoned or not.

One more last look at the harbour… and we went back to Svendborg.

Coming up very soon on the website: our big summer trip of last year and trips of this year!

The South Funen Archipelago – Part 1

This is a part of Denmark that Lars and I had visited before by car, but never by boat! So, on a sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of May, we enjoyed a mini-cruise of 2 hours on the MS Helge, a vintage vessel. First, we walked to the harbour of Svendborg, which in itself is a photogenic place.

Lars and I have the tendency to arrive early at appointments, but this time we were there way too early. So, we acquainted ourselves with one of the local inhabitants. He was incredibly handsome and energetic and listened to the name Tarzan.

Finally, our boat arrived! Embarking starts at about 15 minutes before departure. If you have your booked your tickets, you are allowed to board first. But don’t worry: you can buy tickets on the boat itself as well. During weekends, however, it is best to book the tickets, because this boat trip is very popular.

At half past twelve, we left the harbour of Svendborg, a very colourful place indeed…

First stop: Vindebyøre. Vindeby is a small town on the island of Tåsinge. At Vindebyøre a camping place is located. By the way, Tåsinge is connected to Funen by a bridge.

Next stop: Christiansminde. If you are looking for a beach in Svendborg, this is the place to be. We will post more about this in a separate post, because Lars and I actually spent a day there. Let’s put it this way: one of the best days of this year!

Stay tuned for part 2!


Tuscan Gems – San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a seaside town, to the south of Livorno.

First of all, you can find a very good tourist information office right next to the railway station, which provides you with everything you want to know about this part of Tuscany. The woman who runs the office, is very helpful and is fluent in English.

Most of the interesting historical sites are outside of San Vincenzo, which attracts tourists because of its beaches. There is a beautiful watchtower from the 14th century though, overlooking a pretty marina.

Opposite the watchtower, Lars and I made a tasty discovery: a small shop specialized in mozzarella. That is, the real mozzarella, made with real buffalo milk. Since I am allergic to lactose, I couldn’t wait to taste some of it. And so we did; and of course we had bread and a nice glass of red wine to go with it. You can’t imagine what it feels like to be able to eat cheese and not being ill afterwards!

A real foodie paradise! All in all, San Vincenzo is a cozy town, combining elegant pedestrian zones – with shops and restaurants – with some rustic Tuscan style.

Finally, outside the town, Lars and I went out of the car, to sniff some sea air.

An Afternoon in Blankenberge

So 1 September has arrived; kids and teenagers are back at school and the summer days seem to be over. The sun has disappeared and rain and wind are back again. Looks like autumn has an early start; that’s why last Sunday – when the weather was still sunny and hot – Lars and I decided to go to the sea and have some fun.

We chose Blankenberge as our destination:

[wc_googlemap title=”Blankenberge, Belgium” location=”Blankenberge, Belgium” zoom=”10″ height=”250″ title_on_load=”no” class=””]

It is one of the biggest coastal resorts in Belgium, with lots of apartments, hotels, restaurants, pubs and shops. Most people come here for a walk on the big boulevard or for a swim, although the water can be cold and there is a strong current. That’s why it is better to swim in the designated areas.

Lars and I parked our car not far from the pier – a popular destination – and walked to the beach. Near the dunes there tend to be less tourists. Another less crowded area is near the marina.

Once we had found our spot on the beach, we observed the people around us – an activity we both like – and then decided to have a lot of fun in the shorebreak!

Late in the afternoon, we left again, because the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms. In the meantime, a flower parade had started. It’s a yearly event that concludes the touristic season. We didn’t see the whole parade, mainly because it was too crowded and too noisy, although we have to admit that it looked beautiful as well.

We made a video of our fun afternoon! It’s mainly Lars and me having silly fun in the sea; you will also see three men in their twenties having as much fun with their blue boat! By the way, the video stops quite abruptly, because the battery had run out…

Photo Essay: The Watery Surroundings of Tallinn

The tourist information office gave us a list of interesting places to see around Tallinn. These are the highlights.

Jägala Waterfall

With its 8 meters, Jägala waterfall in the village of Koogi is the highest natural Estonian waterfall. Just program your GPS for Koogi and you will find it quickly. You can admire from all sides.

Afterwards, we went north to the pretty village of Neeme and its even prettier beach:

Kaberneeme not only has a beautiful beach, but another attraction about which we will talk in another post:

Our last stop of the day was in Loksa:

The Beach

Next stop was Stara Baska.

According to Wikipedia, Stara Baska has a lot more to offer than its beaches:

Baška has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Highlights are the early Christian archeological site from the 5th century, the renowned Baška tablet from the year 1100 found in the Church of St. Lucy the nearby Jurandvor, the remains of a Roman settlement, as well as many historical churches and chapels. The local museum in Baška houses an ethnographic collection.

But let’s be honest: isn’t this a beautiful beach? Look at all these colorful houses!

And the best was yet to come…

A different Denmark – Kerteminde Bay

Lars and I tend to have a positive attitude towards life. Sure, we were disappointed on that Thursday, but we now had a good reason to come back later in spring. And we still had 2 days left of our holiday!

On Friday, we first went to a place that we both love very much: Kerteminde Bay.

Kerteminde itself is a lovely small town and this area is ideal for walking, jogging and fishing. And what better way to start a new day with a walk in a snowy wood with a view on the sea?