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Nyborg Harbor

Lars’s mother lives very close to the harbor of Nyborg, so we often go there for a walk. This is not exactly an industrial harbor; most of the boats are yachts and pleasure boats in all shapes and sizes. It’s just a pity that this whole area is being invaded by expensive apartments. Every time Lars and I come here it’s like there are ten times more buildings than before.

Luckily we – and lots of other people – can still find spots where you can enjoy the views of the sea, the boats and their owners, the horizon and … the expensive apartments. Anyway, it was late in the afternoon and the sun had come back.

Nyborg Fjord

This is without any doubt my favorite place in Nyborg.

In February I was simply freezing when I took my pictures here. Three months later the weather conditions had greatly improved and I could take my time. And I wasn’t trembling!

I like the tranquility of this place: the small boats, the absence of waves, the birds, the intense blue and green, the platforms and small narrow bridges that have seen better days.

A different Denmark – Changing plans in Esbjerg

After our visit to the vineyard, Lars and I continued our drive to Esbjerg.

It’s the biggest town of the west of Jutland and one of the biggest of Denmark; it’s main economic activity is industry:

The city was once Denmark’s biggest fishing harbour, and the harbour is still an economic driving force in the town. Besides the fishing industry Esbjerg is also the main city for Denmark’s oil and offshore activities. Companies like MaerskRamboll, Stimwell Services, ABBSchlumbergerCOWI and Atkins all have offshore related activities in the city.

It was our goal to visit the maritime museum, but unfortunately it was closed, due to renovation works. So instead we went to have a look at a part of the harbor. Yes, I confess, I am not only attracted by the sea and beaches, but by (big) boats as well!


A different Denmark – Back to Nyborg Harbor

Our first day of our holiday was a coming to an end. Time to go back to Nyborg and have a look at its harbor.

Do you remember that there used to be a railway ferry harbor and a car ferry harbor here? These two harbors are almost completely gone, only a few traces are left. Instead a lot yachts of all shapes and sizes have come, with tourists of many different countries … and a lot of expensive apartments as well. The harbor area is almost full with them. Soon it will be difficult to have a walk there and see something of the sea. Notwithstanding these developments I still like it here. It’s a quiet and cosy town, that has a lot more to offer than we thought…

But more about that later! I like the contrast between the dark almost ominous sky and the snow! What do you think?

A different Denmark – Waiting for the snow in Lundeborg

Our next stop was at Lundeborg.

Only about 400 people live here. The main points of interests are the beach and the small harbor that hosts fishing boats and small yachts. In summer it can be quite busy here, but now there was nobody around. Just the kind of solitude that we like so much…

When we arrived in Lundeborg, it was almost sunset and clouds with snow were coming in. Hence the special color of the sky and the almost magical, moody atmosphere.

A different Denmark – Thurø harbor

Did you know that there are more than 400 (named) islands in Denmark? Not all of them are inhabited. Some are connected to one of the main islands by bridges, other can only be  reached by boat/ferry. And with more than 7.000 kilometers of coastline, you’ll find plenty of beaches and harbors in all sizes. It’s one of the main reasons why I like this country so much.

This is one of the harbors in Thurø. It’s quite small and I think it’s used by local fishermen. The island you can see on the other side is Funen. There is a beautiful coast road which I would like to explore later in spring!

A long Danish weekend – The other side of Thurø

What I love about Thurø, is the peace and quiet. And I am not the only one!

Although it is small and it has less to offer – in terms of entertainment – than some of the bigger Danish islands, it does attract tourists. And there are a couple of b &b’s and campsites on Thurø. You can also rent a house. We have a weak spot for the small harbor of Thurø By. The island that you can see on the other side of the sea is Funen.

Our Adaptable Adventure – The incredibly beautiful view on the lake

When The Viking and I walked around in the medieval center of Yvoire, we simply couldn’t believe our eyes. Such beauty! It was so charming and pretty and there was a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. And then we arrived at the border of the lake, Lake Leman that is:

Lake Geneva or Lake Léman (FrenchLac Léman, LémanGermanGenfersee) is a lake in Switzerland and France. It is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. 59.53 % 345.31 km2 (133.32 sq mi) of it comes under the jurisdiction of Switzerland (cantons of  VaudGeneva, and Valais), and 40.47 % 234.71 km2 (90.62 sq mi) under France (Haute-Savoie). The average surface elevation of 372 m (1,220 ft) above sea level is controlled by the Seujet Dam[1] in Geneva.[2]

Lake Geneva, formed by a retreating glacier, has a crescent shape that narrows around Yvoire on the southern shore. It can thus be divided figuratively into the “Grand Lac” (Large Lake) to the east and the “Petit Lac” (Small Lake) to the west. The Chablais Alps border its southern shore, the western Bernese Alps lie over its eastern side. The high summits of Grand Combin and Mont Blanc are visible from some places.

This is the explanation that you can find in Wikipedia. As you can imagine, between reading these bare facts and seeing the real lake there is a huge difference! When we saw Lake Leman, we had to look for a place to sit down and let it all sink in. It was just perfect: the landscape, the harbor, the weather, the few people around. Idyllic and picturesque! It was enchanting to look at the different shades of blue of water, sky and the distant mountains.

We stayed here for a long time… It was actually difficult for us to leave Yvoire behind; we simply didn’t want to be separated from all this beauty. But we had to go. Another place at Lake Leman was waiting for us and then … the Dordogne!