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Driving In The Black Forest

During our camping trip in August, Lars and I went on a day-trip in the south of the Black Forest. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and we had planned to first have a coffee in Titisee-Neustadt. Unfortunately, there were so many tourists around that we couldn’t park the car. Another time perhaps… We continued east and in Donaueschingen, we had more…

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Arriving In Todtnau

On Sunday, it had been our plan to go to the center of Freiburg and have breakfast with a glass of Champagne. But it didn’t happen. Our Saturday evening celebrations had gotten a bit out of hand; we stayed up too late and drank a little bit too much alcohol. As a result, we woke up a lot later than…

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The Musicians in Donaueschingen

The last weekend of September was a long weekend, so Lars and I decided to go on a road trip again. Destination: Freiburg. Last year we visited Freiburg as well, so this time Lars and I wanted to concentrate on the surrounding area. We first went to the tourist information office and soon we were on our way to cozy…

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Going for a drive in the Black Forest

When I traveled with my parents or friends, we never went to the mountains. Sure, sometimes I crossed Austria or Switzerland and saw them from a distance, but that was it… The first time that I was really on a mountain, was last year when The Viking and I traveled to the north of Italy. I’ll never forget that drive…

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A pleasant morning in Freiburg

Everybody has a favorite destination. And when you meet the love of your life, you want to show that place to him or her. For The Viking, that place is Freiburg. I have to admit that before I met The Viking, I thought Germany was a boring country. Sure, I sometimes visited Aachen or Köln, but I really didn’t feel…

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