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Belgian Beer Festival in Brussels

Lars and I have just come back from a very crowded – and wet – Belgian Beer Festival, here in Brussels. This is an annual event, that takes place at the Grand Place and is organized by the Belgian Brewers Association. From 4 until 6 September 2015 you can taste (a lot of) beer at dozens of stands and stalls.…

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The Belgian Beer Weekend

The center of Brussels changes quickly. It was less than a month ago when the Grand’Place was filled with trees and flowers. This past weekend it was all about beer. As I told you yesterday, the whole Grand’Place was taken over by stands of 50 brewers; you could taste more than 350 beers. It was difficult to make a choice,…

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A different Denmark – Ørbæk Brewery

Monday was not our lucky day. On Sunday evening Lars’s mother started feeling unwell and on Monday morning, she was in a terrible condition. Lars had to take her to a doctor and the two stayed away during the whole morning. Afterwards it turned out that she had pneumonia. As you can imagine Lars and I didn’t do a lot…

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Tasting the new trappist … or not?

In June 2011, it was announced that there was going to be a new trappist. Great! A French trappist. What? You don’t associate France with beer, let alone a trappist. Needless to say that Belgian beer lovers were skeptic; me included. But then I got curious. I have tasted most of the other trappist beers and I couldn’t help but…

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Introduction to the noble art of trappist (beer)

The word “trappist” does not refer to a certain kind of beer, but to its origin. It actually comes from La Trappe (France), where the Trappist order originated in a Cistercian monastery. The monks started brewing beer in the late 17th century. There are a lot of monasteries where beer is brewed, but not all these beers can be called…

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