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Being Beach Bums at Christiansminde

I can imagine that you don’t associate Denmark with a beach vacation. True, the weather can be unpredictable, or even worse, it can suck… But, believe me when I tell you that there are some really beautiful beaches there! Actually, lots of them, since this country has a coastline of more than 7.ooo kilometers. Actually, for somebody like me, who loves seascapes, Denmark is a paradise.

If you happen to be in Svendborg and you fancy a day at the beach, follow our example and head to Christiansminde. The name refers to the hotel, which has a panoramic restaurant and there is a long stretch of beach as well, which is open for everybody.

As you can see, the beach is quite narrow. This is actually the case for a lot of beaches along the shores of the Baltic Sea. This mass of water contains little salt, allowing lots of vegetation to grow near the beach.

Advantage: when it happens to be hot (and that does happen!), you can look for shadow under the trees…

You cannot rent chairs or umbrellas here. Luckily, this is not a pebbly beach! The sand is white and soft…

At the end of May, the water was still freezing! I only saw about a handful of people going for a swim. But in general, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Don’t you just love to observe people – and their pets?

Anyway, at the end of the afternoon, Lars and I were hungry. And thirsty. Must have been the sea air. We decided to give the restaurant of Hotel Christiansminde a try; we were too early for dinner, but luckily, we could still have lunch. We ordered sandwiches and a cold beer. To be honest, we were really pleasantly surprised by the size of our sandwiches and the high quality of the ingredients! And all this for a very reasonable price.

The view from the restaurant is simply magnificent. We could clearly sea the beach and the marina; the island in the background is Tåsinge.

What more can I say? Life as a beach bum in Denmark – it does exist!

Picture of the Day – 7 June 2016

I know, this is long overdue… But Lars and I have 2 very good excuses. First of all, I took this picture a short time before we had to leave Denmark. Second, when we were back in Belgium, Lars and I both had a severe attack of bronchitis. Yes, we spent a week coughing our lungs out, sneezing and blowing our noses. I even lost my voice during 2 days… Anyway, we are both feeling better now and from Monday on, we will resume work on the blog. This last picture of our trip to Denmark features the beach of Thurø. No blue skies that day, the weather was changing…

Photo Essay: The Watery Surroundings of Tallinn

The tourist information office gave us a list of interesting places to see around Tallinn. These are the highlights.

Jägala Waterfall

With its 8 meters, Jägala waterfall in the village of Koogi is the highest natural Estonian waterfall. Just program your GPS for Koogi and you will find it quickly. You can admire from all sides.

Afterwards, we went north to the pretty village of Neeme and its even prettier beach:

Kaberneeme not only has a beautiful beach, but another attraction about which we will talk in another post:

Our last stop of the day was in Loksa:

Riga and Surroundings: Looking up, The Angry Lady and Some Peace and Quiet

With 700.000 inhabitants, Riga is not only the biggest city of Latvia, but also of the three Baltic countries. Its historical center belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of all its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture. The best thing to do while walking around in the city is to … look up and admire the details!

Don’t forget to visit the Dome Square, Riga’s largest square with the best restaurants and bars of town.

And explore the streets around the Dome Square… You never know what you may stumble upon.

Like this beautiful cathedral…

Want to see something completely different in Riga? Go to the Central Market and experience everyday Latvian life. According to the tourist information office of Riga,

The Central Market is one of the largest and oldest in Europe with five food pavilions located inside vast converted Zeppelin hangars. Around and between them, stalls sell everything from clothes to flowers (…).

We were not sure if we were supposed to ask permission to take pictures here, but one of the female owners of the stall did not like it at all!

Afterwards, Ingrid and I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle – and the heat – in Riga. So, we first went to the coast, to a place called Jürmala, which has a white sandy beach of 33 (!) kilometers long.

Next stop, the parish of Zemite. We stopped here, because the landscape was simply so pretty.

What about Irlava and its Penki Health Spring? According to the tourist information office of Riga:

 The clear water of the Penki Health Spring has high concentration of iron; lime sediments and iron salts are deposited in it, thus the water is nor particularly tasty, but it has been still used for healing purposes since ancient times.

Note: the spring is also used as the local swimming pool.

And the best was yet to come …


Fresh Sea Air

It usually takes us 9 – 10 hours to drive from Brussels to Nyborg, Denmark. This cosy town is situated in the north of the central island of Funen; this is where Lars and I start most of our excursions.

The first thing I want to do after a long drive is to go to the beach; watch the waves, feel the wind and if possible some sunshine and breathe in some fresh sea air.

Luckily for me, Nyborg has a beautiful beach..

The Beach

Next stop was Stara Baska.

According to Wikipedia, Stara Baska has a lot more to offer than its beaches:

Baška has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Highlights are the early Christian archeological site from the 5th century, the renowned Baška tablet from the year 1100 found in the Church of St. Lucy the nearby Jurandvor, the remains of a Roman settlement, as well as many historical churches and chapels. The local museum in Baška houses an ethnographic collection.

But let’s be honest: isn’t this a beautiful beach? Look at all these colorful houses!

And the best was yet to come…

Getting Ready for the Season

Lars and I left the Czech Republic the day afterwards and arrived in Keszthely, not far from the Balaton Lake.

We had been here before, but something told us that we still could discover a lot in this region. On the other hand, after all the beautiful stuff we had already seen in the Czech Republic, would we be able to see something more magnificent?

Anyway, we started with one of the very few places we hadn’t seen yet in Keszthely: the beach. It wasn’t officially open yet, which means that we could go there for a walk, but all the facilities were closed. Workers were making sure everything would be ready for the summer season.