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A Visit To The IKOB

Lars and I love art and especially contemporary art. To our delight, there was a museum of contemporary art in Eupen called IKOB. Even better, it was just two steps away from our hotel. So, one afternoon we decided it was time for a visit. The museum is quite small and only contains two floors. At the ground floor, you can…

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Photo Essay – Wandering around in the Dahlem Museums

You are in Berlin and it rains. A lot. And you fancy a huge dosis of art and history. Then there is one destination that Lars and I can recommend: the Dahlem Museum Complex. The name Dahlem refers to the part of Berlin where it is located. There are three museums: the Museum für Asiatischer Kunst (Museum for Asian Art), Ethnologisches Museum…

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Groninger Museum

Gorgeous Groningen – Part 3

When it comes to art, Groningen has one major thing to offer: the Groninger Museum. The museum dates from the end of the 19th century and the current building consists of three main buildings, designed by Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini and Coop Himmelb(l)au. (source: Wikipedia) During our visit, part of the museum was closed, due to preparations for a huge Rodin exhibition. Anyway,…

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The Bears

There are bears in the center of Hengelo… 5 giant plastic bronze bears! Apparently, it’s an (expensive) artwork that some people love and others hate. Lars and I thought it was funny, but we wondered whether there is any connection between bears and the town of Hengelo. Anyway, I had fun photographing them! What do you think? Is this art…

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The Other Antwerp – The MAS

Once you find yourself at ‘t Eilandje, it’s hard to ignore the MAS. MAS stands for Museum Aan de Stroom, literally: Museum At the River. But this is more than a museum; it is also a monument, there is a restaurant, a pub, a shop, … In short: it is a meeting place. The museum itself tells the story of…

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The Saint-Géry Walk – Fish and Art

Brussels is a bilingual city; one of the consequences is that all the street names have a French and a Dutch variant. The funny thing is that the two names are not always the same. So in French we talk about the Marché aux Poissons (Fish Market), whereas in Dutch we refer to the same square as the Sint-Katelijneplein. To…

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A different Denmark – Men at Sea

One of the biggest attractions of Esbjerg is actually located outside the town, to the west and is called Men at Sea. Men at Sea is a bit like the Danish version of the huge statues on the Easter Island. Or as Wikipedia says, The Men at Sea is a 9 metre (30 feet) tall white monument of four seated males, located…

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