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Photo Essay – Watching Animals In Ternell

Eupen is located in a beautiful region called Hoge Venen/Hautes Fagnes. If you want any information about what to do and what to see there, the nature centre Ternell is a good starting point. It also organises activities for children and adults, such as summer camps and guided walks for example. Lars and I, however, started our visit at the ……

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Berlin Zoological Garden

Where Knut Was Once at Home

Remember Knut? He was the cute polar bear, born in the Berlin Zoological Garden, who was rejected by his mother and afterwards raised by his keepers. Knut became a huge attraction, but unfortunately passed away five years later. Anyway, you guessed it: Lars and I paid a visit to the Berlin Zoological Garden. It was quite clear from the beginning…

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Wild Horses of Langeland

Our Love Affair with the Wild Horses

What is it with us – and me, the photographer, especially – and those Wild Horses of Langeland? Or maybe we should start with the question: what are the Wild Horses? Langeland, an island located to the south of the central Danish island of Funen, is a place of contrasts. The north consists mainly of pretty coastal towns with a…

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Denmark – Odense Zoo

A trip to a zoo is always fun! First, a couple of facts and figures: Odense Zoo is Europe’s best zoo. It opened in 1930. 147 species, more than 2000 animals. I had a lot of fun with our action camera! Ingrid and I loved the zoo. It’s very clean, spacious and you have the impression of walking around in a…

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Hortobagy National Park – Part 1

The Hungarian puszta… I had heard about it and Ingrid had seen it in movies. It was about time to see it in reality. After our stay in Poland, we drove to the city of Debrecen. Quite a beautiful, cozy place, not far from the National Park… If you are a follower of this website, you know that we both…

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Photographing the Wild Horses of Langeland

After an absence of two weeks, we are back. What happened? Illness? Laziness? A trip? Stopping with the website? None of the above. Lars and I just took some time to think about the blog. Somehow, we weren’t entirely happy with it. After studying our site in detail, we found out why. It wasn’t the content, it was the way…

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