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Lonely Horn

Lars and I continued our drive at the west-side of the Bodensee. We soon crossed the border with Switzerland and stopped for a short time in the small town of Horn. We only stopped here, because we wanted to stretch our legs a bit. There was still no sunshine, but the mist started to disappear. Since it was still cloudy,…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Romantic Romanshorn

The Viking and I continued our drive along the Swiss side of the Bodensee and had a stop in Romanshorn. Romanshorn is a municipality, which dates back from the 8th century. It was mainly a village, which local economy consisted of some wine, fruit and horticulture. In the middle of the 19th century things changed with the construction of a…

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Our Adaptable Adventure – Being tourists again

Switzerland was one of these countries I had often passed, but I had never taken the time to visit it. For me, it was just a bunch of mountains. Yep, I was so prejudiced! The Viking first took me to a touristic destination, the Rhine Falls. You know our philosophy about popular destinations, but in this case I was so…

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