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TBT Thursday – Passing through Piran

After having enjoyed the dolce vita in Italy, our next destination was Piran in Slovenia. We did not stay there, but we paid a short visit to it. Getting to Piran is very easy, getting rid of your car is something else, because it is a very popular destination, with tourists and locals alike. Actually, we spent more time driving…

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Between Donau and Balaton – Escaping the Rain

It was our last day before going back to Belgium. And it rained. A lot. And it kept on raining… Lars and I decided that we would certainly see better weather if we headed down south. What about going to Slovenia and visiting Maribor? Lars had put this town on the list, so I accepted his proposition. We arrived at…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Days 30 – 34: Stuck in Slovenia

Accidents happen, also to the Kitten. So, I had to go briefly to hospital and rest a lot. Of course, it meant we had to change our travel plans. Staying 5 extra days in Slovenia and then going back home via Austria and Germany… Afterwards, some people said that they felt so sorry for us, because our holiday had been…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 29: The Austrian Alps

We like to drive around. And not always with a specific goal … Just cruising around and enjoying the landscapes! So, on this day we just decided to take the car and drive to the mountains. Soon we crossed the border with Austria and spent a day cruising around and admiring the landscapes: Actually, we ended up in Italy! It…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 28: Lake Bled

We are in the northeast of Slovenia and the biggest star here is nature. So, we decided to explore 2 beautiful lakes today. The biggest one – and also the most famous and crowded – is lake Bled. Check out their website: Don’t expect something like the Garda lake, it’s not that big: it only takes about 6 kilometers…

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The Wild Eastern Trip – Day 27: Slovenia

There were a lot of kilometers to be done and 2 border controls, so we left early in the morning. First, we continued our drive along the banks of the Donau and then on the motorway, passing 3 capitals: Beograd, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Or, in other words, the capitals of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. After a very long drive, we…

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