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Driving to Cape St. Vincent

Lars and I continued west in the south of the Algarve until we couldn’t drive any further: Cape St. Vincent, the most southwestern point of Portugal. Once a naval battlefield, now one of the most touristic places in Portugal. The surrounding cliffs reach a height of 75 meters and are home to a huge variety of birds and marine life.…

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Visiting Silves Cathedral

During the second day of our exploration of the Algarve, Lars and I kept on travelling west and stopped in a town of great historical importance: Silves. This was the former Portuguese capital, which boasts a.o. a castle and a cathedral. I had been here before more than 20 years ago and was keen on seeing the cathedral again. The…

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Lunch in Olhão

After our first stop in Cacela Velha, Lars and I continued west and stopped in Olhão for lunch. First, a bit of sightseeing though. Olhão is a fishing town and we were looking forward to lunching near the port itself. Somehow, Lars and I got lost and contented ourselves with the first restaurant we found. Lunch was excellent though. Grilled swordfish,…

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A Stop in Cacela Velha

Portugal: a new country for Lars and a rediscovery for me. We started our summer tour of this year in the southern region of the Algarve and would work our way west and then up north, hoping to photograph beautiful landscapes and architecture during our drives. Located on a hill, overlooking a lagoon, I thought that Cacela Velha would be…

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