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Groninger Museum

Gorgeous Groningen – Part 3

When it comes to art, Groningen has one major thing to offer: the Groninger Museum. The museum dates from the end of the 19th century and the current building consists of three main buildings, designed by Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini and Coop Himmelb(l)au. (source: Wikipedia) During our visit, part of the museum was closed, due to preparations for a huge Rodin exhibition. Anyway,…

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Gorgeous Groningen – Part 1

Sometimes you arrive in a town (or any other place for that matter) and you immediately fall in love with it. That is what Lars and I experienced in Groningen. To be honest, Lars had been there once many many years ago; for me, it was the very first visit. With its 200.000 inhabitants, Groningen is one of the biggest…

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The Bears

There are bears in the center of Hengelo… 5 giant plastic bronze bears! Apparently, it’s an (expensive) artwork that some people love and others hate. Lars and I thought it was funny, but we wondered whether there is any connection between bears and the town of Hengelo. Anyway, I had fun photographing them! What do you think? Is this art…

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The Center of Hengelo

Lars and I stayed in a hotel, right in the heart of Hengelo. On Sunday morning, just before we left for Germany, we had a stroll in the center of town. Since the streets were as good as deserted, it was very easy ti take photographs. Hengelo is a relatively young city, which developed quite quickly in the 19th century.…

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