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Throwback Thursday – Driving Around Lake Prespa

In our last episode of Throwback Thursday, we wrote about the Pelister National Park in Macedonia. Remember the pictures of the beautiful lake? That is the subject of today: Lake Prespa. Or to be more precise, the Great Lake Prespa, which shares borders with Albania, Greece and Macedonia. After having spent a full day in the Pelister National Park, Lars and…

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Throwback Thursday – Pelister National Park and Surroundings

After our stroll in Dihovo, Lars and I faced a choice: exploring Bitola or visiting the Pelister National Park. It being a very hot day, we decided in favour of refreshing walk in nature. So, off we went! This National Park is the oldest and the second biggest of Macedonia. 171,5 square meters of fauna and flora are located in…

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Throwback Thursday – Dihovo: From Disappointing To Wonderful

Let us go back to the Summer of 2015. After our short and not so successful stay in Greece, Lars and I decided to spend three days in Macedonia. The town of our choice was Bitola, which according to our travel guide was a must-see. But somehow things didn’t work out for us in Bitola. We thought that the town…

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A Macedonian Corner of Paradise – Villa Dihovo

When we spent three days in Macedonia last summer, it was our intention to stay in Bitola (about 14 kilometers to the north of the Greek border). Upon arriving at the motel we had booked, Ingrid and I immediately disliked it; the reception was dusty, the restaurant greasy and the rooms very small and beyond disgusting. We fled and found…

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The Deepest and Oldest Lake in Europe

We are referring to Lake Ohrid. As you can see on the map, it is situated in the southwest of Macedonia and the eastern side of Albania. The lake has a unique ecosystem and therefore it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of the most important towns around the lake is Ohrid, where we had a brief…

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Crossing Macedonia

Actually the complete name is the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I hope you don’t mind that we use the “incomplete” name! Anyway, on Thursday 25 July we went to the south of Romania and crossed the border with Bulgaria, where we spent the night. The next day we drove to the west of Bulgaria and arrived at the Macedonian…

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