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Photo Essay – A Morning Walk in Kaunas

It was time to leave Estonia and almost time to leave the Baltic countries… After having said goodbye to Tartu, Ingrid and I arrived in the second largest Lithuanian city: Kaunas. It had been a long drive and since we had arrived early in the evening – later than expected -, we were too tired to do any more sightseeing. And…

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To Liepaja and Beyond

It was our goal to visit at least 2 places in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. When we left Vilnius, we didn’t go straight to Riga, but had a stop in Liepaja. Liepaja is the third largest Latvian city and is known for its Seaside Park and white sandy beaches, wooden houses and Art Nouveau buildings and the many shops and…

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A Photographic Tour of Vilnius

After Germany and Poland, Ingrid and I traveled to Lithuania, more specifically, its capital: Vilnius. We walked from the Vilnius Castle Complex to the St. Anne and Bernardine Church Ensemble. With only one full day at our disposal, it was impossible for us to make a detailed tour of Vilnius. We decided upon driving and walking around, collecting impressions and…

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